Senior Moving Services

Moving or downsizing a current home can be stressful. Let our experience and compassionate staff at Jimbo’s take some of the stress out of this emotional transition.

Senior Moving Services

We understand that moving or downsizing can be overwhelming. We can help with downsizing to a smaller home and provide you with peace of mind.

Before moving we work with you to decide:
Senior Moving Services
We work with you to help make the transition as stress free as possible

We can re-create the look and feel of the old home in the new place with services like picture hanging, furniture placement and general set up

For your peace of mind, we also provide a shredding service to properly dispose of old documents that have accumulated over the years.

Moving Services for Seniors

Post Move Out Cleanups & Entire Home Cleanouts:

Once the home is vacant, we come in and take care of the rest. We remove all items in the house that are left behind and sweep it out so that is ready for the real-estate sale.

This includes:

Exterior Services, Property Cleanups:

If the home has been vacant for awhile, we come in and spruce things up so that it is ready for sale.

This includes:

We know that this can be a difficult time, but with our years of experience and compassionate staff, we will help make it as fast, friendly and most importantly, stress-free as possible!

Moving Company for Seniors

Senior Moving Services​: The Process

Jimbo’s provides personalized senior moving services throughout the Sarasota/Bradenton area. Contact us today!


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Our compassionate staff will help move or downsize your current home.

Senior Moving Service

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